Windrige Instruments

Paul handbuilds two distinct instruments for sale. These are hand made quality instruments built to Paul's own Design, with collaboration with Bernard Overton on the Brinklow Pipe.

Windridge Wooden Flute

The Windridge Wooden Flutes are made by Paul, offering woodwind players a chance to own a really special handmade instrument, designed after a lifetime of experience working with flutes.
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Paul Windridge - Woodwind and Brass Repair Workshop - A Windridge Wooden Flute

Brinklow Pipe

The Brinklow Pipe is a project concieved by Bernard Overton and Paul Windridge, resulting in a modern design Chalameaux. Being a hybrid between a whistle and a clarinet, it is proving popular of player from both camps that want a folk instrument that either has less complex fingering, or a greater range and flexibility.
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